Why is it difficult to teach money values to children?

Why is it difficult to teach money values to children?
Why is it difficult to teach money values to children?

“My children ask for expensive toys every week.”

“My children don’t seem to have any money values (sense). He keeps running out of money.”

“My children leaves their coins everywhere. It is horrible.”

These are some observations and feedback that I have received in my course of sharing with parents on money values for children. After a long day at work, many parents are often tired and exhausted. While financial literacy is important, parents such as yourself may not have the energy to share these money values to their children.

Here are some reason why it is difficult to teach money values to children.

#1: We are not confident in our values related to money.

It is very likely that we feel that we may made bad decisions related to money in our lives. I would like for you to pause here for a moment.

Who hasn’t made a mistake in their lifetime?

These mistakes could be as simple as being shamed by our own parents for not having enough money at the end of the month. In other cases, some of us might have blew our saving on big purchases (like an action figurine) that has no meaning to us now.

Hence, we are very likely to feel that we are inadequate. This could affect our ability to convey money value concepts to our children.

#2: We don’t know how to teach money values

We have decades of education on mathematics, physics, chemistry. But, we never had formal financial education from our teachers. It is normal to be lost in the world of money when we never have been given a map.

Formal education aside, most of us probably never had a conversation about money with our parents. Ask yourself these 2 questions.

“When was the last time you ever had a conversation on delayed gratification with your parents?”

“Other than saving money, was there any other conversations about money with your parents?”

In most cases, the answer will be “No” to both of these questions. We should blame our parents though. They themselves never had any parenting guide on money values. They probably learn their values from their own parents who may have a bad relationship with money (eg. Gambling).

You now have an opportunity to change that. By reading this blog, you are already 90% ahead of other parents who are still clueless on finding parenting tips on money values.

#3: We simply are too tired in the demands of life

We get it. Life’s tough. There are days where I fall asleep within 5 seconds of touching the pillow. Our work demands us a lot of our attention from 9am to 5pm, our children wants our attention after that. Some of us probably have a small pocket of 30 minutes to scroll through Facebook before turning in.

In this state, it may not the easiest to think about ideas that allows you to teach money values to your children.

We get it.

That’s why the purpose of the blog is to give parents such as yourself parenting tips that will help your communicate money values to your children easily.

After meeting countless parents and listening to their stories, it is clear to me that parents feel that money values are vital in their children’s growing stages. However, they may feel inadequate or don’t have the skills for it.

You have an opportunity to change this. You will get free ideas from our resources guide to help give your children a headstart. Thereafter, you can consider other more comprehensive guides to push it to the next level.

We are here to give you the resource. We are here to give you the confident. We are here to watch them grow.

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